At GRIT we work with individuals to promote the process of improved physical skill and athleticism as well as the development and progress of character. We believe that progressive mental and physical development is an evolution and look to guide clients toward true Growth.


The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties is an essential skill for both sports and life. Through mentoring, education, role modeling, and training GRIT provides athletes with skills that allow them to adjust quickly and recover from adversity or hardship.


Because overall GRIT is more than just physical strength, we promote and encourage honesty, sincerity, and firm adherence to values in our athletes. Consistency of actions, values, and principles allows for character development. We strive to make our athletes recognizable by their actions and character regardless of the environment.


The ability to be strong enough, both mentally and physically, to withstand adverse conditions, deal with hardship, cope, and adapt are the essence of GRIT. Our athletes are strong, but flexible without breaking.

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