GRIT provides integrated training to individuals and groups to assist people to reach their health and wellness goals. We recognize the importance of both physical and mental health and work with clients to create program plans that are unique to their personal goals and promote a sustainable lifestyle rather than a quick fix. We believe that good nutrition is essential for optimum health and maximum performance. We also believe that the success of any plan is based upon making changes that are sustainable, flexible, and leave clients able to live their life without feelings of deprivation.

Individual program plans are dynamic and based upon:

  • Personal history
  • Current and future fitness/athletic goals
  • Taste (likes and dislikes)
  • Lifestyle
  • Body type and composition

Prior to initial meeting, clients will complete:

  • Initial assessment form
  • Personal history form
  • A 3- to 7-day diet history

At the initial assessment visit, GRIT will discuss current health, past medical history, current habits and preferences, lifestyle, and personal goals. Clients can expect the visit to include measurements and individual goal-setting. A personalized plan will be provided to the client within one week of initial meeting.

Follow up appointment/Maintenance appointments consist of accountability, motivation, assessment and revision of goals, education, and addressing personal challenges that have been encountered.